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Schools in Belfast with Good Reputations

Getting a good education in Belfast, Ireland

A good education is always important for the moral and intellectual upbringing of any individual. As such, the quality offered by learning institutions should be good if not excellent and should not be part of the education ring just for the sake of filling up the needed quota for such institutions.

In the Belfast area of Northern Ireland, a great number of schools are available, covering all levels of education; form nursery right up to university. There are also a host of other institutions that cater to some specific educational needs and we’ll be taking a brief look at some of them.

Grammar Schools in Belfast

Grammar schools have long been part of the UK education system dating as far back as the 18th century. That tradition still stands today and we take a look at some of the top grammar schools in the Belfast area:

I.    Dominican College Fortwilliam

This particular grammar school is an all-girls school with its history dating as far back as 1930. Over the years it has grown in reputation as one of the leading grammar schools not only in Belfast but in Northern Ireland as a whole.
It encompasses all the educational needs that need to be fulfilled in a child’s upbringing, from the well-developed curriculum, the array of extra-curricular activities it provides to the excellent pastoral care it provides for its students. At the end of their stay, you can expect your child to be a well-developed intellectual with morals and an understanding of how society works and how to contribute to it.

II.    Belfast Boys’ Model School

The mere mention of this school means you’re looking in the right direction when searching for a great school for your child. With beginnings going as far back as the 1850s, you can be assured that this schools provides only the best education has to offer, a fact supported not only by the fact that it still stands today, but by the constant high rankings it registers on academic rankings in Belfast and the whole country as a whole.

Universities in Belfast

It is without a doubth that Belfast has some of the best universities in the world. Here we’ll take a look at some of the great Universities present here:

Queen’s University Belfast

The reputation of this university precedes it; with its history and foundation dating back as far as 1845 and with its constant top ranking in the whole of Northern Ireland as well as always ranking top among all the universities present around the UK, this is a sure place to get quality education.
Queens Universit boasts of a wide array of courses to choose from and a very well experienced and learned staff who are experts in their areas of teaching.

Ulster University

The Ulster University is another great example of the quality of education available in the Belfast area. To top it off, it not only has a good reputation in Northern Ireland or the UK alone, but has achieved global recognition having reached the top 150 university rankings as recently as last year!
It boasts of many facilities, campuses, programs and schools, top among them the Belfast School of Art. This is worth the mention since it is regarded as one of the top ten schools involved in researching art in the whole of UK and that statistic is set to go even higher and eventually reach top global rankings even.

Specialized Schools in Ireland

These offered tailored educational needs mostly towards one area of interest such as languages. Some of them available are:

1.    Totally English

The Totally English institution as the name implies, is mainly involved with providing training and instruction in the English language for foreigners coming to the UK. These mainly include business persons or students who have enrolled or want to enroll in one of the many universities in the UK.
Their immersion course involves having these individuals being put in an environment where the only language being used is English. This in turn helps them learn faster by always interacting with the language instead of just relying on other old fashioned means of learning.

2.    Flex Language Services

This institutions is involved with languages on a number of levels. It offers training in different languages, English included to persons interested in learning them. The trainers are native speakers of the language so you can be assured of a quality learning experience.
Aside from that, they provide services in the field of interpretation and interpreter training as well as translation services.


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